Réamonn Byrne – The Hard Way Home Part 3 – Rowing From New York to Ireland

Réamonn Byrne - The Hard Way Home Part 3 - Rowing from New York to Ireland
Réamonn Byrne - The Hard Way Home Part 3 - Rowing from New York to Ireland

Réamonn Byrne from The Hard Way Home returns to reflect on his team’s attempt to row a 25-foot boat from New York to Ireland over the summer.

Réamonn, Chris McCaffrey and Ryen Cosgro were embarking on a 3000-mile voyage to raise funds for the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust.

The journey was plagued by setbacks and the lads had to be pulled ashore to Cape Cod just one week into their initial voyage.

They set sail again in July and appeared to be going well while overcoming more problems – including the boats rudder getting seriously damaged – but eventually had to end the journey because of a technical failure.

They were about two-thirds of the way to Ireland before eventually getting picked up by a massive oil tanker.

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Ray gives Michael a recap on the trials and tribulations of trip, the problems they faced and if they will attempt the feat again.

Ray is now back working at his Chelsea Restaurant in Manhattan, called Worthwild, so the pair also delve into the current state of the New York City hospitality scene and how inflation is just the latest blow to the industry.

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PODCAST: Réamonn Byrne – The Hard Way Home – Rowing From New York to Ireland