UFC Boss Dana White Heaps Praise on Irish Boxer After Devastating KO Win in California

Dana White (L) and Callum Walsh (R)
Dana White (L) and Callum Walsh (R)

Michael Dorgan Twitter thumbnailMay 13, 2022 By Michael Dorgan

UFC Boss Dana White heaped praise on Irish boxer “King” Callum Walsh after the Cork fighter clinched an impressive first-round knockout victory in California Thursday.

White sat ringside for the UFC Fight Pass main event where Callum stretched his undefeated streak to 3-0 with an effortless win over Mexico’s Luis Garcia.

“He’s sharp, he’s amazing man he’s fun to watch, he’s explosive,” White said in the ring after the win in front of a vocal Irish crowd.

“He’s got what it takes so I’m excited, I’m a big fan.”

“I haven’t been to a show like this in a long time this was fun,” he said. “This crowd was awesome, tons of energy… I’m so glad I came.”

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Dana White (L) and Callum Walsh (R)

Walsh, fighting southpaw and draped in the County Cork colors of red and white, dropped Garcia to the canvas after just a few seconds with a lightning right hook left hook combination.

Garcia beat the count but Walsh followed up with a thunderous left hook that bingoed Garcia against the ropes and into the corner.

The 21-year-old then unleashed a flurry of combinations knocking Garcia to the mat before the referee immediately called a halt to proceedings.

“There’s not many fellas around that can take the power,” Walsh said afterward.

Walsh is set to fight again on June 25.


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