PODCAST: McGregor v Poirier Preview with Donagh Corby

In this podcast special, Irish reporter Donagh Corby previews a historic night in Vegas Saturday where Conor McGregor takes on Dustin Poirier in a must-win fight for the Dublin man.

Donagh, who is a combat sports reporter with The Mirror, previews the fight and lays out just how important the clash is for McGregor’s legacy in the UFC.

We also take a look back on how the Irishman forged his path in America to become the highest-paid athlete in the world last year. We also touch on some of his public controversies and their impact on his reputation among Irish people and people around the world.

You can follow Donagh’s top-class reporting and analysis on Twitter via @donaghcorby_

Donagh moved to New York in late 2019 but was forced to move home when COVID hit, Michael started off the podcast by asking Donagh about that experience.

Intro – Background on Donagh
10.48 – How McGregor forged his path in UFC
17.40 – McGregor controversies / Has his reputation been dented?
23.00 – Fight Preview
28.35 – McGregor goals in UFC – retain the lightweight championship?
30.27 – If McGregor loses where does his career stand?
35.00 – How will McGregor approach the fight?
37.27 – Will a longer fight benefit Poirier?
40.23 – McGregor’s range
44.00 – Other Irish fighters and boxers to watch
53.00 – Jake Paul and Logan Paul – Good for boxing?

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